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USDA Export Forecasting leveraging Shipfix data

By Philippe Pagnotta on July, 8 2021

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Philippe Pagnotta

Head of Alternative Data Sales @ Shipfix, Ex IHS Markit

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“Combining Causal AI with Shipfix data improved advance forecasting of ESR time series." (causaLens report, 5 July 2020)

Shipfix and causaLens are delighted to deliver another report together on 'USDA Export Forecasting with Shipping Data' to discuss how AI improved advance forecasting for ESR (Export Sales Report) time series. The forecasting gives commodity traders and insurers advance warning of the impact of exports on domestic prices. 


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The USDA Export Sales Report Program is a weekly report listing the volumes of agricultural goods registered for export from the US to foreign countries. 
We use the Shipfix Voyage Order Contributions dataset, which tracks the demand for shipping dry goods globally. The granular data can be used to examine trader relationships across a broad range of markets and industries, and provide insight into current and developing trends. 
Combining Causal AI with Shipfix data improved performance metrics." (causaLens report, 5 July 2020)
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