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Increasing Signs of Disruptions to Shipping in the Black Sea
By Ulf Bergman on February 25, 2022

In the wake of yesterday’s outflow of dry bulk tonnage from the northern and western parts of the Black Sea, Shipfix’s daily cargo order data are confirming the picture of a collapsing...

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Commodities Market data Macro

The Great Exodus - Military Action Forces Vessels to Head for Safety
By Ulf Bergman on February 24, 2022

With the military situation deteriorating in and around Ukraine, the usually busy trade lane between the Bosporus Strait and the Ukrainian ports has become a one-way passage. Virtually all...

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Commodities Market data Macro

Shipfix's Weekly Market Blog #1 - Invasion and Inflation
By Ulf Bergman on February 23, 2022

Welcome to Shipfix’s first weekly market blog. In the weeks to follow, we will provide updates on the global news flow and other events that influence the shipping and commodity markets.

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Commodities Data Predictive correlations Market data

Supply chain overview and how to leverage Shipfix Data
By Philippe Pagnotta on December 16, 2021

Philippe Pagnotta, Head of Alternative Data and Nicolas Ponet, Sales Executive of Alternative Data , presented Shipfix latest data developments at the Neudata conference.

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AIS Data Predictive correlations Market data US

USDA Export Forecasting leveraging Shipfix data
By Philippe Pagnotta on July 8, 2021


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AIS Data Predictive correlations Market data

PMI Forecasting with Shipping Demand Data
By Philippe Pagnotta on June 18, 2021

PMI Forecasting using Shipping Demand Data from Shipfix

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Commodities Export Brazil Sugar

The Brazilian Sugar Hub - renewed exports
By Nicolas Ponet on April 26, 2021

Chinese demand for sugar regains a steady pace following the end of heavy tariffs.

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Chartering Commodities Freight

Shipfix Market Lead Time Index
By Richard Henley on March 9, 2021

Shipfix not only provides insights into the historical, current and future supply and demand of maritime trade, but also ‘metadata’ around how market participants are behaving at any given...

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Orders Commodities Freight

Panamax freight prices on a roll as aggressive Chinese grain buying spooks seasoned traders
By Philippe van den Abeele on February 16, 2021

Spot Panamax freight rates (PMX 4TC, Feb-21) increased by 130% in the last 3 months, reaching $15,625/day on 11th Feb-21 vs. $6,825/day on 2nd Nov-20). How will commodity houses, charterers...

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Commodities Grains China Export

The 2021 wheat picture: self raising or a bit grainy…
By Olga Obraztsova on February 2, 2021

The Shipfix Wheat Index tracks Global seaborne order volumes of wheat since 2015. The graph below shows the relationship between the price of wheat over the past 12 months and wheat volumes.

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Orders Commodities Grains China Import

India has resumed rice trade with China for the first time in three decades
By Olga Obraztsova on December 14, 2020

An interesting trading signal appeared on the Shipfix Forward Curve for rice exports from India into China last week. The Forward Curve provides unprecedented insights into upcoming trade...

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Orders Commodities China Import Export

The rise and rise of bauxite: Shipfix trade flow insights and recent trends.
By Olga Obraztsova on December 2, 2020

Aluminium is a strategic resource used across manufacturing and industrial sectors: automobile, defence, transportation, energy, aerospace, consumer durables and many others. Bauxite is a...

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Orders Commodities Grains China

Soybean prices reach a two year record, as Chinese demand continues to drive the market
By Olga Obraztsova on November 20, 2020

The Shipfix Soybean Index provides insights into demand sentiment since 2015. The index shows a strong correlation between soybean prices and volumes shipped by sea. Soybean prices reached...

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Commodities Market data Import Export LME steel products

Shipfix Steel Market Insights and Indices
By Olga Obraztsova on October 19, 2020

Ahead of the annual LME conference on Monday 19th October, The London Metal Exchange (LME) has stated that “metals [are] the cornerstone of sustainability” in future economic activity.

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Commodities Market data Import Export Nickel

Shipfix Nickel Ore Index: Tracking nickel ore supply vs. nickel prices
By Olga Obraztsova on September 30, 2020

During the Tesla Annual Shareholders Meeting and Battery Day last week, Elon Musk announced an ambitious innovation plan focusing on Tesla’s own batteries production and a more affordable...

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Commodities Grains Export

Shipfix shows India surpassing Thailand on seaborne rice exports
By Antoine Grisay on September 22, 2020

Thailand is expected to lose its coveted #2 position in the global trade for rice as the country’s production faced drought and the appreciation of the Thai Baht challenged Thailand...

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Commodities Grains Market data Export

Shipfix data shows current drivers of global corn trade
By Olga Obraztsova on September 11, 2020

In this post, we look into the corn trade and compare it with soybean based on an analysis of historical Shipfix export indicators as well as our Shipfix Forward Order curve which is...

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Market data China Export Logs and Timber

New Zealand log exports recover sharply post COVID freeze
By Antoine Grisay on August 31, 2020

COVID-19 measures imposed in New Zealand caused log exports and logistics to grind to a halt from March to May 2020. Shipfix data insights have since validated the progressive recovery in...

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Commodities Market data Import fertilisers

The urea market continues its bullish run, triggered by larger than expected demand from India
By Olga Obraztsova on August 25, 2020

Urea is the most concentrated solid nitrogen fertiliser (46%) and the most commonly used in large scale agriculture. Demand for urea has grown significantly over the last 50 years and now...

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Commodities Data Market data Community Contribution

The importance of data contribution in the freight market
By Philippe Pagnotta on August 10, 2020

Contrary to exchange traded securities, over the counter ("OTC") trading remains decentralised, opaque and generally not very well digitalised.

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