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By Joshua on June, 19 2020

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To view historical and live voyages for any ship, simply click on the vessel and select the "Voyages" tab. You can zoom in and out on any voyage, including live voyages in progress. Access not only the vessel's historical AIS trail and port calls, but also static, mooring and anchoring points!


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Working Example: I have an exclusive 60,000 MT +/- 10% USG grain stem for end June dates. I can see the 2014 built Ultramax mv "ML Heron" positioning across the Atlantic, however before I pick up the phone to the owner or my broker I need a clear understanding of her recent voyages. I simply select the "Voyages" tab on the ship view and notice she recently loaded out of Turkey. She had also traded coal prior to that. On that basis, she may not be the optimal candidate for my grain requirement. In just one or two clicks, I have saved myself time and can move to explore other potential candidates.

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